As the release date of Superstar Mahesh Babu’s ‘Aagadu’ is fast approaching, there are a lot of speculations going on regarding the movie. Especially a news on the interval bang of the movie is doing rounds on internet and in fact going viral too. According to the story doing rounds, Mahesh Babu who is projected as a cop and who becomes a nightmare to the goons and law offenders, actually he isn’t a cop but comes in the place of his friend who is a cop. That twist gets revealed as the interval bang according to the story speculations.

Whether it is true or just a mere speculation, one never knows until the film hits screens. But these sort of things have become a sorts of match fixing. Revealing what is going to happen in advance is not a fair game. If somebody has really leaked this interval bang, then the film makers need to be extra careful. Interval bangs are very crucial for a film because they make the audience anticipate something more thrilling in the second part and it is good for any movie whatsoever.