Superstar Mahesh’s ‘Aagadu’ is hitting screens in India today and few early morning shows have already started screening the first show. But in several overseas locations in Dubai and US, the first premiere shows had been screened and the talk is out from these special shows. According to the premiere talk, as advertised Aagadu relies on the entertainment quotient throughout but falls short of the expectations. Mahesh gave his 100% as usual and his spell bound performance as cop and his punch dialogues are the major highlights for the film.

According to the buzz on the premiere show, first half of the movie is good with comedy, Posani’s spoof episode (Nag’s MEK), Mahesh meeting Sonu Sood and the scenes with Nazar are the major highlights. However going by the premiere talk, second half is a let down with Vaitla’s routine comic taking and predictable climax with no exciting twists as hyped. Sruthi Haasan’s sizzling item number and Brahmi’s dance medly episode save the second half.

Overall going by the Premire show talk, Vaitla failed to meet the expectations and could not re-create the magic he created with Dookudu as the content of the movie is not up to the mark. Even the climax isn’t that exciting for present day audience. Vaitla used the same formula of punch dialogues like Kona Venkat’s mark one liners. However Shruti Haasan’s hot item number is going to get repeated audience and she is worth of the ticket value as per the buzz. Overall the first show talk of Aagadu is a one time watchable average flick but one never can judge a film by just premiere show talks. Let’s wait for our exclusive review.

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