Pawan-Mahesh fans fight

It is becoming trend of sorts off late with dialogues in films trailers being taken out of context and then it leading to an unnecessary controversy. The same has happened to the newly releases teaser of Aagadu that was released today.

A dialogue from the teaser that mocks the ‘puli-simham’ based dialogues in Telugu cinema has been seen as an indirect attack on a big blockbuster film of last year. Ever since the teaser was released a mini war has sort of started between the two warring groups and its still continuing among the fans. What has made the matter a bit worse is the involvement of a popular writer into this mess with the writer openly attacking director Srinu Vytla.

Assuming that our readers are aware of such previous instances and indirect mocking that has happened in films, do you think the makers could have at least avoided this dialogue from the teaser trailer? And finally we all know such dialogues are literally used by every hero in Telugu cinema including Mahesh Babu himself, so has the reaction to this dialogue been blown out of proportions? Share us your thoughts below.