Sometimes few experiences turn out to be life lessons. One such experience for versatile actor Prakash Raj came in the form of ‘Aagadu’. Before and after Aagadu episode, Prakash is the same talented actor who can mesmerise audience with ease in his emotions and the range he can offer to the film makers. But there is one difference. An artist tends to grow on his self made image and feels proud about the unique place he has achieved by his own virtue. Sometimes this pride turns into agressiveness and hence arrogance seeps in unknowingly.

Whether Prakash Raj accepts it or not, his past behaviour in some occasions proved the above analysis true. One could notice that pride changing into superiority complex. That superiority complex made him to lose Aagadu and there came a situation where a few cine folks even foresaw the end of Prakash Raj’s career in Tollywood. But for sensible and intellectual guys like Prakash Raj, it doesn’t take much time to unlearn the borrowed arrogance and be back to self.

Today if Prakash Raj is promoting Aagadu despite of his disconnection with the movie, it doesn’t mean that PR has lost. It means he is the winner. The winner who learnt from his past mistakes. The winner who would never allow ego to cloud his achievements. The winner, whom we are proud of. Today, on the eve of Aagadu release, Prakash Raj wishes good luck to the team of Mahesh’s film. Kudos!