Aadi Pinisetty Parents Reaction to the Death Scene -For those who watched ‘Rangasthalam‘ in theatres, it’s a known thing that Aadi’s death scene was a tear-jerking moment for the audiences and the funeral scenes that followed will leave us shell-shocked for the way they were canned naturally.

Aadi watched the movie in a theatre along with his parents and close friends. He was concerned about his parents’ reaction when the death scene plays on the screen. He tried to prepare them beforehand, that it’s only part and parcel of the drama.

But, his parents Raviraja Pinishetty and Radha Rani were uncontrollable and they kept crying bitterly unable to see Aadi in the death scene. It’s understood how the parents feel to see their son murdered brutally and then on the funeral pyre. Though Aadi has done nearly 17 films so far both in Telugu and Tamil, Kumar Babu’s role will remain one of his best performances.