aadhi wife aruna diwali in rajahmundrySeems our young heroes are taking pride in visiting their native places to celebrate our festivals traditionally. It was Allu Arjun who went to in-laws house to celebrate Dasara last month in Nalgonda district. Now its the turn of young hero Aadi to celebrate Diwali in his native village.

Aadi and his wife are celebrating Diwali in Rajahmundry. This is their first Diwali after marriage and hence very special. Like every one of us celebrate the festival with Puja, delicacies and sweets prepared for the occasion and bursting crackers, Aadi is going to do the same along with his wife.

Aadi says his wife is a good cook and one can obviously understand this Diwali he is going to relish the sweet dishes prepared by his wife. Well, that seems so traditional and absolutely a good gesture to value our age old traditions. Good going!