A1 Express - Power PlayThis week as many as 11 films are hitting the cinemas. It includes direct and dubbed movies. However, when it comes to creating buzz, only three flicks have been successful. They are A1 Express, Power Play and Shaadi Mubarak. These are big ‘small’ movies and have only one week to impress and sustain before the ‘big’ festival films arrive next week.

Unfortunately, when it comes to booking and shows, even these three are not making an impression. They are given a staggered release, with A1 Express being the best of the lot. The bookings are low, and a lot, as usual, will depend on word of mouth.

A1 Express stars Sundeep Kishan in the lead. It is a big outing for him after a gap. He made a splash announcing a grand comeback with Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene and Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL. They had good openings but fizzled out later. But, a positive intent was visible.

A1 Express was to continue the run, but the pandemic thwarted Sundeep’s plans. The late release and many new arrivals in the coming week put a lot of pressure on A1 Express to perform.

Power Play and Shaadi Mubarak are the next best on the list. They are as different as they get and hence targeting the polar opposite audience. Power Play stars Raj Tarun in the lead, and it is his first ‘content’ oriented film.

Apart from these three, there are three more ‘unique content’ films Climax (starring Rajendra Prasad), Play Back and A. If one wants to watch something different from Telugu, well, here is the week. However, all these have minimum screening, and only extraordinary talk can save them from sinking.

Uppena again gets a chance to make a dent in this weekend, as well. It will be its last chance to make some moolah before folding up entirely in the next week.