Prabhu Deva about Madhuri Dixit

Choreographer Prabhu Deva recently reminisced about his first hit experience, the song Que sera sera for Boney Kapoor. Citing his two reasons for undertaking this project, Prabhu said, “I did it for two reasons – one, I shared a good rapport with Boney and the more important reason, Madhuri Dixit.”

Further extolling the virtues of the legendary actress, Prabhu said that Madhuri is a talented dancer. In his own words, “When Madhuri dances, it’s like fire and lightning together. When we started rehearsing for the song in Pukar, I realised everything I had heard about her was true. She was so driven. Not once did she get intimidated by the beats in AR Rahman’s song.” Apart from her aptitude at dancing, Prabhu Deva also praised the actress’ perseverance. He recalls Madhuri saying, “’I’ll do 40-50 rehearsals. I’ll do whatever is required.’”