Rajinikanth---Pa-Ranjith---Anu-Vardhan---KaalaKaala finally got its perfect release date for June 7th and fans are waiting to see their star in yet another don look which teased them with the teasers and the posters. There is a fun little story behind the costume that Rajini flaunted in the film.

The costume designer Anu Vardhan speaks of the costumes that Rajini donned in the film and shared a funny story of Rajini’s collar in the film. As Anu says she wanted Rajini’s collars to be lifted up in the film to add a stylish look to the star, but Ranjith denied doing pointing that the lifted collar would only make Rajini stand out, of course, style is what makes Rajini.

And still, Anu used to ask Rajini to lift his collar up during the shoot and Rajini used to deny insisting Ranjith would be angry. How funny is that? Rajini, the superstar is afraid of his director. “He is such a director’s actor,” said Anu. Yeah, Rajini is known for his style and his humble nature. That is what made him what he is.