A Strange Coincidence For Tuck JagadishTuck Jagadish marks the second collaboration between Nani and Tuck Jagadish. The film is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on the 10th of September.

Here is an interesting correlation between Tuck Jagadish and Shiva Nirvana’s previous directorial Majili.

Thaman who had composed the background score for Majili is now composing the music for Tuck Jagadish now. Gopi Sundar who had previously composed the music for Majili is rendering the background score for Tuck Jagadish now.

It really is a strange case of role reversal for Thaman and Gopi Sundar.

Gopi Sundar’s music and Thaman’s background score both clicked big time for Majili and the film turned out to be a box office super hit. Now, Nani’s fans are anticipating that the sentiment will work in Tuck Jagadish’s favour now and hoping the film turns out to a winner as well.