AR Rahman 99 Songs First LookA R Rahman’s first film ‘99 songs’ first look has been unveiled today in his Twitter and Facebook account. Fans are much confused about mentioning Rahman’s first film. Yes, you heard right. It is first film for him as producer.

Rahman not only produced the movie but also penned script for the film. Obviously as a music director, he is rendering the music for the upcoming film. The first look is refreshing as the title does. In this pic, an invisible hero holds piano which is suspending from sky, with one hand. On the other side, he is holding a girl. Rahman described 99 songs as” a sensual story about art and self-discovery” . The first look poster lives to his words. 99 songs is all about a story of singer.

Earlier, he thought to direct this film but sue to unavoidable commitments he handed over that job to Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy.