A ‘Quick Audition’ solution for Tollywood! - Draft

A new and efficient solution to the tedious audition process in the entertainment world has been developed by a Mumbai-based startup known as Quick Audition. This online solution, which will be used to improve the speed of the audition process in the entertainment industry, will soon make its debut in the Telugu film industry as well. According to reports, Parag Mahalingappa Mulgund, the founder and president of Quick Audition, said that Tollywood will have this tech by the second week of December.

The founder also stated that the dates for the online audition solution will soon be finalized with two film production houses in the Telugu film industry for their online database of imminent skilled artistes. The company has already had 11 months of experience and has been using the method of short listing potential talents and keeping a film footage showcasing their gift which is then uploaded to its website for the use of potential production houses.