NBK107 - Nandamuri Balakrishna- Gopichandh Malineni-ThamanNandamuri Balakrishna is on a song. The actor currently has Akhanda with Boyapati Srinu and everything about the movie is positive so far. His next film, #NBK107 is official now. Gopichand Malineni who gave the ‘massest movies of the year’ (whatever you call) with Krack will be directing it.

After a long time, Balakrishna is working with a happening production house like Mythri Movie Makers which is known for making quality films and taking utmost care in the promotions. Thaman who is in the form of his life is scoring music for the film. He already showed a sample of what is going to be in store with the pulsating background score for the movie.

The video showcases a roaring line indicating a film in the elements of Balakrishna in the offing. All in all, #NBK107 is a perfect opportunity for Balakrishna in every possible way in many years. If Gopichand delivers a product similar to Krack, then, we will see a mass rampage at the box office.

The movie will start rolling or as the makers say, the hunt begins as soon as the COVID second wave conditions permit.