A Pattern In Samantha's Announcements. Intentional?Samantha announced not one but two projects today. Both of them are bilinguals. Earlier today, Dream Warrior Pictures announced that they are collaborating with Sam for a bilingual that will be directed by debutante Shantharuban.

A short while back, Sridevi Movie announced their collaboration with Samantha. This project will be helmed by director duo Hari and Harish.

The interesting thing about these announcements is that they had a ‘starry’ vibe.

Usually, we seen top male stars announcing their projects in a certain manner. In these announcements, we are only served the details of the star who plays the protagonist, the director, and the producers.

For instance, Ram Charan’s RC16, a Gowtam Tinnanuri directorial and RC17, a Prashanth Neel directorial were announced today. Only the names of the protagonist, director, and producers were unveiled through related posters.

Now, something fairly identical is happening with announcements pertaining to Samantha’s films. Samantha was the sole highlight of these announcements. No details about the male leads or other supporting actors were made public.

It appears to be that Samantha is intending to promote herself as a ‘star’ in South India, or at least that is what the essence of the announcements of her bilingual projects imply.