Telugu actor Nikhil said that he’s a conventional person who still gives all his paychecks to his parents. About his films being successful, he said that it felt good when his friends and admirers tell him that they can’t get the tickets for his film.” The actor went to a mall in Banjara Hills on Monday to help his friends in getting tickets for his latest film.

The actor was surprised by the success rate of his movie and he stated that he didn’t expect the movie to work so well and thanks to that he’s getting many offers now and is glad about that. He calls himself a “Begumpet boy” as he was born, brought up and still lives there.

Yet, the actor plans to move to Filmnagar as his sister will get married in the next month. On the topic of his marriage, he says that the decision of his wife lies with his parents. He wants that his wife should be able to adjust in his house hence it should be his parent’s choice.