A Must Watch Series for Telugus This Weekend on OTTWith the OTT revolution well and truly hitting top gear, Indian domestic audience are now enjoying the luxury of watching global content with a simple click. Here’s one such global series that deserves a spot in your weekend watchlist.

Squid Games, an action thriller series on Netflix is being lauded for its adrenaline pumping screenplay and novel plot. The series consists of 9 episodes.

It revolves around 456 candidates who are forced to play children’s games and a loss in any of these games would result in life-ending consequences.

After a rather slow start in the opening episode, the proceedings pick up the pace as the life-ending child plays set in. All the games are conceived well and they keep the audience on the edge of the seat.
Squid Game is a must-watch series, thanks to its brilliant production values and sound design. Every episode gives an edge of the seat experience to the viewers.

Not so long ago, Squid Games was the #1 show on Netflix in as many as 90 countries and that speaks for itself.

However, it is not advised to watch the series with kids owing to the excessive bloodshed and violence.