A Mumbai Homefront for Taapsee Pannu

South Indian Actress Taapsee Pannu had been staying in Hyderabad for the last two years. But it has come to our attention that the young actress is all set to move to the land of films, that is Mumbai. Indeed, as Taapsee’s second Hindi film Running Shaadi.com is all set for a release, the actress has made the decision to move to India’s financial capital!

Taapsee who is in Chennai right now shooting for Muni 3 has confirmed the news saying that she has been looking for a place in Mumbai for a while now since with her second movie on the verge of release, she would be spending quite some time in the city in terms of promotions and stuff. And that is not all! The pretty actress has been getting lots of offers from Hindi industry so she wants to move to Mumbai as soon as possible!