Sultry actress Samantha was seen recently during the audio launch of ‘Bus Stop.’ Regarding the details of the same, director Maruthi said, “Late lyricist Veturi garu had penned two songs for this film which is a matter of great pride thing for us. I met him a week before his death and narrated him the story of this film and requested him to write two numbers. He had written a racy and peppy number ‘Pattuko…pattuko…papani pattuko’ which no other can write such a song at the age of 80 years and the other song was a tragedy song. I hope his blessings are with us.”

Along with the cast and crew, Sudheer Babu, Suneel, Nandini Reddy and some other people also made their presence known at the event. Samantha unveiled the audio and gave the first CD to Suneel.

But that’s not all that happened at the launch. Actress Samantha also reminisced about an embarrassing moment of her life, which she said she could easily relate to the movie. Samantha, said at the audio launch, “I could relate myself to this film. In fact, my most embarrassing moment in my life happened at a bus stop. A chap used to follow me daily at a bus stop and a fine day I dared and quizzed him that why he was following me. He quipped that I was not beautiful and added that he lives near the bus stop. His rejoinder made me so embarrassed.”