A Lot of People Asked Me, ‘Why Her?’Biopics have become a trend in the Indian films, recently and an interesting real-life story with a lot of dramatic twists is seen as a potential subject for making a biopic. Kannada filmmaker Indrajit Lankesh chose adult star Shakeela’s biopic to make into a film.

He said, “A lot of people asked me, “Why Shakeela?” People asked this question because they consider Shakeela a soft porn actress when the truth has got it that she was only a star in the adult films nothing to do with soft porn or porn. Earlier, Shakeela worked with the director in a couple of Indrajith Lankesh’s movies. That’s when he has got to know about Shakeela’s life troubles and decided to tell her story.

He wanted the story to the reach larger audience hence chose to make the movie in Hindi with Bollywood actress Richa Chadha. Tollywood has just witnessed the glory of a well-made biopic ‘Mahanati’ and any biopic will be intriguing only if it is made with the correct interpretation of a celebrity’s life, what to tell and what not to tell in a biopic.