SS-Rajamouli-RaichurdistrictRajamouli is usually an apolitical person. Not once did he ever speak out in public about his political affiliations. But for the first time ever, Rajamouli is set to step out in public for a political campaign.

However, Rajamouli won’t be campaigning for any political party in particular, but instead, for a general electoral awareness program.

Rajamouli will be heading to his birthplace – Raichur district for a political awareness program to amp up the voting percentage in the area. The district administrate officer Chandrasekhar Nayak announced that Rajamouli would be coming out to take part in a political campaign.

Rajamouli will encourage the locals to step out in big numbers for the forthcoming elections. He will apparently feature in advertisements, and also public meets to encourage a spike in voting percentage.

This could well be regarded as a key assignment for Rajamouli in Karnataka. One of the main reasons why Rajamouli agreed to do this could be to give something back to his hometown.