A Glimpse into Mahesh Babu DenThough Mahesh Babu never bared his chest in movies, his fitness was never compromised and there was never ever even one pic showing him overweight or unhealthy. Mahesh‘s fitness trainer for ‘Maharshi’ movie revealed the secret.

In a social medial post, fitness trainer Minash Gabriel heaped praises on Mahesh for his dedication and passion, how Mahesh would work out in the morning session and the evening session even after a long day at shooting and also strictly followed his diet.

In the wake of this lengthy and inspiring post from Minash Gabriel, a glimpse of Mahesh Babu’s secret place for work out has surfaced on social media and his fans have been sharing the glimpse tagging it ‘Lion’s Den’.

Now, we know the secret behind the superstar’s fitness who seems to be growing younger day by day. If one is as dedicated as Mahesh regarding being fit and healthy, the results would definitely so awesome.