It seems that Kannada actress Sharmila Mandre is very much enjoying working with Allari Naresh in her upcoming film under director Devi Prasad. The film titled Kevvu Keka is her debut Telugu film. Mandre explained that on the sets of this new film, she learned all about what it takes to be comical on the screen.

Being very complimentary towards Naresh, Mandre said that Naresh is a proficient actor and has an flawless timing for comedy. For reasons like this and more, Sharmila really enjoyed working with him. But the work was not just fun, it was also a great learning experience as well.

It is important to note here that Allari Naresh has appeared in and played important roles in some of the highly successful Telugu comedies known in the industry which include “Sudigadu”, “Seema Sastri” and “Bendu Apparao RMP” among others.