A documentary on Rajini fans

Superstar Rajinikanth needs no introduction in Indian and neither do the fans of the star, especially in Southern states. For years the actor has had an envious fan following which has taken him to a greater pedal as a star across the globe. Now finally the fans are getting a due for this sustained and dedicated adoration to their star for many years.

A documentary is being made on the fans of the star called “For the Love of the Man” by a Amsterdam based filmmaker Rinku Kalsi. It takes a closer look at the fans that are behind the phenomenon called Rajinikanth. Years ago a documentary was made by popular channel in a similar vein focusing on the star prior to the release of Baba which had taken the Rajini phenomenon globally to even non Tamil audience and now this documentary is expected to show fans in a similar light. What more can fans of a star expect than recognition all around, truly the Rajini fans are lucky.