A-Different-Version-of-Women-Entertaining-Casting-Couch---Mamatha-MohandasIf we go by the words of Malayalam actress Mamatha Mohandas (who played Yama Dharmaraju in the female form in Rajamouli’s ‘Yamadonga’), for every casting couch incident, it’s the woman who was responsible for the man’s sexual assault or sexual exploitation. How mean!

When asked to comment on the casting couch issue, Mamatha came up with the above surprprovoked shocking analysis that the victim might have done something suggestive or entertained the man leading towards the sexual exploitation. This is utterly ridiculous! Do women actually have to make a suggestive move to instigate a man, always?

Biologically, women are portrayed as the weaker sex and that consciousness makes an ill-bred man think lowly of a woman and thus unconsciously provokes him to make the move. While it’s the upbringing that needs to be corrected, Mamatha is pointing fingers at women for being the victims. Feeling sorry that Mamatha Mohandas holds such a regressive opinion on the female gender.