The Telugu film industry (TFI) seems to follow a unique set of unsaid rules, one of which includes each actor having unique identities based on the genre of film they perform well in. Owing to this, both the film makers and actors alike play it up for the benefit of their audience. The genre that is played most in this particular instance is comedy entertainer.

The evidence is clear when in 2012, after a series of unsuccessful films, Actor Ram scored a success with ‘Kandireega’. It was the exact same with Power Star Kalyan who tasted the success with ‘Gabbar Singh’. Actor Mahesh had the same experiences with ‘Dookudu’. Comedy was the central theme in all these films. If rumours are to be believed, even N.T.R.’s ‘Baadshah’ though originally an action entertainer, has a wide scope of comedy all through the film. With the comedy seen as a hit formula for success, the box office will certainly see a lot more comic films coming their way!