A Chance For Mahesh To Stamp Authority Previously we looked at how it was a golden opportunity for Jr NTR to make a strong claim at number one position. And now we take a look at Mahesh Babu and what is in store for him with Spyder, which is just one month away from release.

Since Superstar Mahesh Babu is going to clash with Young Tiger NTR, we take a look at the history between the two when had close releases. There have been very few instances when had movie releases around the same time. The most famous being the Sankranthi 2003 clash when Okkadu and Naaga took on each other. The final winner was Okkadu, but Naaga stole the march comfortably in the initials. The same was true in other instances as well with the most noticeable being Dookudu and Oosaravelli. The former was a big blockbuster in the long, run but the latter smashed Dookudu’s opening by a huge margin.

There was another clash for Dussera 2010 where Jr NTR won both initial and long run with Brindavanam (over Khaleja) but a bigger film (Robo) dwarfed both these films.

Overall, in clashes or close releases, Jr NTR has always had upper hand in openings, and Mahesh Babu won the race in the end with the blockbuster movie. However, for the first time, things could change, and Mahesh Babu can stamp his authority both in initials and long run, irrespective of talk, with the current clash.

Mahesh Babu’s Spyder is the bigger movie compared to Jai Lava Kusa, in the third encounter between the two, and it has higher expectations as well. The hype, in general, is with Spyder despite a lackluster teaser. It is releasing in the prime holiday season where movies run with good occupancy no matter what the talk, case in point being Seventh Sense. With all these advantages, Spyder is set up correctly for a hat-trick domination of Mahesh Babu over Jr NTR. This time on an all-around level.