Maardani new censor certificate
Rani Mukerji’s latest outing ‘Mardaani’ has opened to rave reviews from critics. The story of the movie goes around the girl trafficking mafia seems to have connected well with movie buffs and raked 15 Cr in the opening weekend. States like Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh even made the film tax free since it comes with a good message. But the female lead of the movie Rani seems to be not so happy with censor granting ‘A’ certificate. She thinks film like ‘Mardaani’ should be watched by the children who are above 12 years.

Rani is now in the process of approaching censor board for the reconsideration. She said “I have the evidence that lot of people from NGOs who are interested in showing my film to their kids. I will present these letters to the censor board. The main reason we made the film is for kids to spread awareness. It is very sad if they are not allowed to watch it”.

We will have to see if censor will consider Rani’s request and issue a revised censor certificate. Since two states have already made the film tax free that shows the relevance of the film and add some strength to Rani’s request to censor.