It seems that Telugu film film industry is gearing up for some for some fresh and innovative movies ranging from period drama to fantasy adventure sagas. Here is a small preview of the films next in line to be released.

The first film Kaalicharan is a period drama dealing with a tale of revenge and massacre made under the direction of Sai Prawin. Alias Janaki directed by newcomer Dayaa is is an action-romance full of uplifting background music. Sahasam is full of adventure, romance and fantasy, all the while sketching the journey of a man on his quest to recover his lost inheritance. DK Bose is story of a corrupt cop who is on a self exploring journey and tries to figure out the reasons behind cops turning ruthless and corrupt. Other examples include Bangaru Kodipetta and Anthaka Mundu Aa Tarvatha both of which are unique in their own way.