boggula srinivas written pawan kalyan hatao politics bachavo bookBoggula Srinivas was earlier in news when he promised to expose Pawan Kalyan and his political misadventures during the election campaign and now he is back in news again courtesy of Pawan Kalyan again.

The writer has written a book titled ‘Pawan Kalyan Hatao-Politics Bachao’ mocking the slogan that the actor gave during the political campaign. This book is going to be exhibited and will be up for selling in the book festival that is going to happen in Hyderabad soon. It is for this exhibition that the written has got protection from the police as they fear any untoward incident might happen.

Well, people have long forgotten about Srinivas and his rants, so, considering the fact that his book is up for sale, this sudden protection scenario looks more like a publicity stunt than actual threat. What do you think?