A bold bikini avatar by Sonam Kapoor

When actress Snam Kapoor joined the Bollywood Film industry, she had vowed never to wear a wo piece on screen. But now it seems that the actress is ready to give in. Indeed when her stylish outfits proved not to be enough to woo the masses, the actress finally shed her outfits and took up the bikini for her upcoming film Bewakoofiyaan. The film in question stars Ayushmann Khurranna and Rishi Kapoor aside from Sonam Kapoor.

The first trailer from the film has already come out and it shows Sonam in a hot pink two piece while she is relaxing in the pool. Her fans seem to be impressed with this new development and a source told us that many fans shared the trailer on their social networking accounts as soon as the promo was released. This is surely a bold move by the actress!