Isha Koppikar Never Ended up Acting with Him Isha Koppikar, Nagarjuna’s heroine in 1998 movie ‘Chandralekha’ made her mark in Bollywood as the ‘Khallas’ girl who danced for the special number by Ram Gopal Varma for his movie ‘Company’. She too had her share of casting couch experiences.

Amongst facing experiences related to nepotism, favoritism, male chauvinism and camps, the actress shared her experiences when people in the film industry used to be close to the actors and sometimes, even to the secretaries of big stars.

Once a big star asked her to meet him alone without her driver amidst his so-called busy schedule. She understood the hidden intentions behind asking her to come alone. Isha strongly told the producer the same and gave clarity that she’ll work only if she is good enough for the role, no compromises.

Eventually, the role went to someone who is very close to the actor. Isha never ended up acting with him. Once a superstar replaced her with his muse and the producer didn’t even care to tell her the reason why she was out. Isha came to know about the replacement when she was ready to go for the Muhurat of the film.

Besides all this, there is one more golden thing that Isha said. She had an excellent family behind her to support her, and so she could pass through all this without bending anywhere. But, who come to live alone in Mumbai have nobody to get the support from and hence, the struggle. Her words of wisdom came from experience, didn’t they?