A Big Clash Between Ram Charan And Jr NTRIn his latest interaction with a media portal, Rajamouli’s father and ace story writer Vijayendra Prasad gave a couple of interesting updates on the much-awaited periodic action thriller RRR.

“The fight for independence is just one of the core elements of the story. The main emphasis is on the chemistry between the two principle characters played by Ram Charan and Jr NTR. Both of them fight for the same cause but unfortunately, they have to clash with each other. The clash will sure be a big one,” he said.

Vijayendra Prasad added that Charan and Jr NTR play characters that are completely contrasting to their real-life persona and this was a conscious choice. “The film is essentially a tale of ice and fire,” he says.

Speaking about the star cast, the senior writer says Ajay Devgan was always the prime choice for a pivotal in the film. When asked about the sequel to Eega, Vijayendra Prasad said he plans to make the sequel but it won’t materialize in the near future. “As for Rajamouli’s next with Mahesh Babu, the project is still in early stages and they are looking to explore various avenues in regard to the story,” he concludes.