A..Aa will be in my top 10 best roles of nareshIs Trivikram bored of casting Rajendra Prasad back to back in his films? Is that the reason why he had chosen another senior artist Naresh for his upcoming movie ‘A..Aa’? For this question Naresh replies in a very modest manner. He says that Trivikram isn’t bored of RP.

But the character the director written for ‘A..Aa’ to play Samantha’s father needs him and the director had him in mind since he conceived his character. There is no such competition between Naresh and Rajendra Prasad for playing character roles which need seasoned actors.

Whenever there is a father’s role which needs to be different, Naresh comes into mind of the film makers opines Naresh. For Telugu nativity personified, RP is a brand. Naresh is sure that his character in ‘A..Aa’ is going to be one of the top 10 best roles in his career because it is written for him. He finds Trivikram’s writing in par with late Jandhyala’s writings.