RRR-Oscar-AwardRajamouli’s RRR has gone places that no other Indian film ever did. The film is a raging hit in the West as the Western folk have lapped up the film at a surprisingly good level.

Now, Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has stated that RRR has 99% chance of making it to the Oscars nomination if Indian jury picks the film and sends it through.

“RRR is huge. The Western folk are in awe of this film. Believe me, if RRR is picked by India, there is a 99% chance it gets nominated under the best film category at the Academy Awards.” Anurag said.

Anurag went on to say that RRR has turned into a celebration film for the Western audience.

“Every time there’s a party, people(Western audience) are putting on RRR. They are in love with the Tiger fight, the interval sequence, the climax sequence, and especially the dance bit. The dance bit is crazy. RRR is a compilation of one exciting sequence after another. It is unlike anything they’ve seen till now.”

The veteran filmmaker adds that SS Rajamouli is a star filmmaker in the eyes of the US audience. He adds that people are liking RRR more than Marvel films.