Trailer Talk: B-Grade Stuff!

IdhiChalaThakkuva---90MLTelugu-Trailer“90 ml Idi Chala Takkuva,” the Tamil film dubbed to Telugu got its trailer released online and the less than two-minute trailer gives enough information on sex and the double meaning word knowledge. The Tamil Big Boss fame Oviyaa couldn’t get more vulgar in this film.

The trailer starts and ends with adult content where one can see four or five women who are friends speak the adult language and discuss sex having alcohol and smoke. Oh, wait, drugs too. As one said, it is more of an adult comedy and less than a B-grade film. Especially, Oviya did not shy away from smooches and skin show.

Now the Tamil version which was already released there created enough controversy where even there were demands to ban the film. Imagine what might happen here in Telugu. Well, another “highlight” of the film is that the popular name in Tamil, hero Simbu had done music and cameo for this film. Good luck for the audience to bear the heavy content for 2 hours.

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