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600 Cr for This Hero- Hard to Believe

600 Cr for Mohanlal - Hard to BelieveThe highest grossing blockbuster credited in the name of Malayalam Superstar Mohanlal happens to be ‘Pulimurugan’ released in 2016. It reportedly earned Rs. 150 crores. Now, there is a buzz around Mohanlal’s one of the upcoming movies ‘Randamoozham’ that it would be made with a whopping budget of Rs. 600 crores.

Well, that seems too humongous a budget for the kind of limited market Malayalam films have. It’s comparatively a smaller film industry and Rs. 600 crores for any Malayalam movie even with the biggest superstar in it is going to be an overestimation of the business an epic film like that can do.

Till date, Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali’ and Shankar’s ‘2.O’ had been the films made with the highest budgets as the stars in those films have wider market across the country and also, they are made as bilinguals keeping in mind the feasibility of the budget returns. Mohanlal ‘Randamoozham’ is nothong but our epic Mahabharatha’ told in the perspective of Bheema. One has to wait and see if this project can actually turn costlier than ‘Baahubali’ and ‘2.O’.