6-Years-After-Telangana-Formation,-Allegations-of-Discrimination-Surface-in-TollywoodA leading Newspaper today published an article that says Telangana filmmakers are disgruntled with the treatment of the industry and wants the state government to help. The Newspaper had the quotes of Telangana filmmakers who are clearly unhappy with the treatment of Andhra dominated film industry.

Directors of George Reddy and Dorasani – Jeevan Reddy and KV Mahendra. Jeevan Reddy claims that Andhra filmmakers dod not even find time to tweet about his film. He went on to say that he got an offer to direct a Bollywood web-series because they judged his talent on merits and not by his region of birth.

KV Mahendra, the director of Dorasaani claims that Telangana Government did too little to help Telangana talent. Producer Raj Kandukuri also felt that the State Government should extend some kind of subsidies to encourage the untapped talent in the state through small films.

Director Prem Raj, President of the Telangana Cinema Industry Employees Federation claims that the State employees are either threatened or bullied on the film sets. “A Telangana State Minister distributed groceries only to 150 out of the 3000 workers in our Union but distributed to all 14000 members of a rival federation belonging to Andhra,” he lamented.

Six years after the formation of Telangana, the allegations of Regional discrimination surfaced once again. Forget about Andhra celebrities, even the Telangana audience has rejected George Reddy. Probably, it is time for some filmmakers to recognize that movies do not run on regional sentiment but only by good content.

While it should be admitted that the Government needs to offer some subsidies to encourage the local talent it should not be done on the basis of bias. In fact, similar problems are being faced by small films from Andhra filmmakers as well. This is the same place where Vijay Deverakonda, a hero hailing from Telangana came out of nowhere and is a star today. In the end, it is all about talent and also luck.