6 Crore Fraud In The Name Of Rajamouli, Bunny & OthersFinancial frauds using the big names in the film industry are a common occurrence. We see people being cheated by scamsters who promise to offer them roles in big films in exchange for a hefty amount of money. But here is one instance pertaining to a big scam involving big money.

Two individuals named Kongara Anjamma Chowdary and Nagam Umashankar from Kukatpally, Hyderabad duped tens of people.

They lured a few victims by saying they would be given acting offers in big-ticket films, and a few others by saying they would be given a stake in big films like RRR, Ala Vaikunthapurramulo, Love Story, and others, which would in turn reap them huge profits.

Several women were trapped with acting offers. Many software engineers and their family members were also trapped by these frauds and the total amount of the scam is said to be a whopping Rs 6 crores.

The scamsters even used the names of MLAs and MPs to make believe their claims and they did indeed manage to pool up in upwards of Rs 6 crores. After realized they were looted in broad daylight, the victims approached the police, demanding stern action against the cuplrits. An investigation is underway.