Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu fame Tatineni Satya had announced an interesting movie. The movie revolves around inter-locality rivalries in two areas of Hyderabad. The movie has got an interesting title, 500029 vs 500039. “Those numbers denote the pin-codes of Narayanguda and Chikkadpally. There is a playing ground between two localities and a rivalry ensued between the youngsters of both these places over bet matches of football,” says Sathya.

Satya was grown up in Chennai and is a long time friend of actor Nani. I was Nani’s idea about the movie. “I grew up in Chennai. There is a similar history between two localities — Kodambakam and T-Nagar… I was discussing this with Nani, when he told me about the Naryanguda-Chikkadpally rivalry,” says Satya.