Pawan-Kalyan-50-days centersThe silent Eradication Of Center System

Pawan Kalyan starrer Atharintiki Daredi is going to complete its 50 days run at the box office in a few days but most if not all don’t seem to be really concerned about how many centers it’s going to complete its run in or whether if its record or not. What makes this even more surprising is the fact that the film is considered an Industry Hit by the trade and yet no one seems to care about the centers.

In an earlier age which would be few years ago, fans of the stars would be going berserk if the film failed to get the required number of centers. The bigger hit the film is the higher its centers should be was their belief as back then one of the criterions to judge a film’s success was to see how many centers the film completed its run in. The result therefore was that the makers were forced to run the film in theaters even if the film was hardly getting any collections because they had to satisfy the ego of the fans and sometimes even the stars.

So what has changed in this few years time? Well, the biggest change one could say is that reporting in collections of the film has improved which means people today know how much a film has collected and whether or not it’s a safe venture for the distributors or a record and so on. Now once they know this aspect about the film’s run automatically they don’t care about number in terms of center because it doesn’t matter if a film runs for 50 days in more number of centers if it’s not a safe venture to the distributors. Back in those days knowing the collections was a hard thing so people used to look at the run of the film to measure its success, now it’s not an issue at all and hence the absolute lack of coverage in this aspect for Atharintiki Daredi. We know that it’s going to complete its 50 days in so and so centers and that’s about it, no one is losing their sleep over it.

Looking in the past and our history of dragging do you think this is finally a move in the right direction? How many of you agree that all that matters in the end is how much a film has collected and centers need not be criteria to judge its success? Share us your thought on this massive change in trend that was once a fan obsession.