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In a busy world like todays, one does not have enough time for oneself let alone taking care of the mind and body. However as reports show the rapid increase in diseases like Alzheimer’s and other aging diseases, the need for brain care and exercise has arisen. Here are a few pointers that should help keep them at bay.

1. Do aerobic exercise at least two hours per week. It has to be aerobic such as, jogging, running, or playing an intense sport. Exercising your body is very important, because it helps create new neurons.

2. Managing stress is another very important factor in keeping the brain healthy and active. Getting stressed never helps anything but only creates problems. Meditation and yoga are the best ways to release stress.

3. They say that just like us, the brain also needs new things. One should keep changing everyday and not get into a routine. One should have some variety in life and do things in a different way once in a while.

4. Socializing is also a key factor in keeping the brain fresh and active. Meeting new people and learning new things makes us happy and bring positivity in life.

5. Healthy eating, one of the most important things in life is also very helpful for the brain. Processed food, eatables containing saturated fats or fast food should be avoided.