Prabhas - Amitabh BachchanThe long wait for fans has come to an end as Prabhas-Nag Ashwin’s project started with a formal pooja ceremony today. Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan has dropped on the sets for the formal pooja ceremony which was kept low-key owing to the grim situation.

Considering the canvas, the names associated with it, and being a sci-fi film, a first pan world film, a huge budget has been apportioned. Buzz has it that a whopping Rs 500 crores has been allocated for the prestigious project.

In fact, the budget talk even led to mocking by a section claiming the need for it. Now, producer Aswini Dutt has spilled the beans on budget. The star producer stated that back then when his daughter Swapna Dutt came out with a budget plan for Mahanati as Rs 12-15 crores, he said that the film would be a flop and she could only execute in a TV format in that budget. He advised her not to think about budget and spend where it is required considering it is a biopic and has lavish sets etc.

“For Prabhas 2, Nag Ashwin and Swapna after working out came up with a Rs 450 crore budget. But as the major chunk of VFX and post-production process would require to be shot in the US, the budget may go up to Rs 500 crore or even beyond. It is a huge sum, but it will get its own charm and I am confident,” concludes Aswini Dutt.

Meanwhile, Prabhas 21 shoot is said to take place at a specially erected set at Ramoji Film City. Buzz has it that the shoot will take place for five to six days.