lallu yadav criminal in chabili movieLucknow’s well-known gangster Lallu Yadav is about to make his dream of working in the film industry come true with his debutante role in the film ‘Chabili’. The movie will be releasing on 21st August this year while the gangster-turned-actor, with over 50 criminal cases against him, already has a comedy role up his sleeve.

Yadav has been charged with four murders, seven attempted ones, and unlawful possession of weapons, with a total of 54 cases. However, Mr. Yadav seems to be leaving the criminal world behind and is testing his hands in acting.

In a small chat with him, he revealed that he always found acting very fascinating and finally has the chance to pursue it. His movie, ‘Chabili’, is about a young dancer as she goes from being a ‘nobody’ to ‘rich and famous’. Both his upcoming movies were shot near Lucknow in Kakori and other nearby places.