Kamal Controverial Movies

The controversies associated with Viswaroopam seem to be finally ending when Haasan has been the go-ahead by the Government to re-release the film with a few edited parts. However, it has now come to light that Vishwaroopam is not the first movie of Haasan’s which has landed into trouble.

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Others on the list include Thevar Magan (Kshatriya Putrudu) which seemed set cause riots among THEVAR community but still received a good feedback and immense profit, Hey Ram which became a high profile political issue considering its provocative tag line– killing of GANDHI as well as Dasavataram where some Hindu groups filed a case stating the film would kindle fights between Vainavas and Saiva.

Aside from this, there was also a song from Manmadan Ambu (Manmadha Banam) which landed Kamal in troubles making it clear that Vishwaroopam is far from Haasan’s first brush with controversies.

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