300 Phones Stolen At Godfather EventIn a shocking and amusing development, as many as 300 mobile phones were reportedly stolen at the pre-release event of Chiranjeevi’s Godfather that was held in Anantapur a couple of days ago.

Going into the story, the pre release event of Godfather was held at an open public ground in Anantapur on 28th September.

Now, as per a Telugu newspaper article, as many as 300 mobile phones are reported to be stolen at the event. It appears to be that thieves had a field day at the event.

Over 270 people lodged complaints through the Police online portal and a few others filed a written complaint at the police station.

It is common for a mishap or two at any large film event, but reporting over 300 stolen mobile phones is something unheard of.

As for Godfather, the political action thriller has Chiranjeevi in the central role. Salman Khan is making a special appearance. The film is releasing on the 5th of October.