Prabhas-Radhe-Shyam-Sita-Ramam-Love dramas need sparkling chemistry between the lead pair and feel good moments rather than grandeur. Sadly for the makers of Prabhas’s Radhe Shyam, they got to learn it the hard way. The film had grandeur but lacked in almost every other aspect, which made it a box office failure.

Now, people are using Sita Ramam to mock Radhe Shyam. And they sure do have a valid point to make.

“Sita Ramam’s chemistry is what #RadheShyam should have been….just budget and star cast unte saripodu…content is the god…producers council petkoni discuss cheskovalsindi em ledu…u give us the right content, we give you the right viewership and simple as that” a netizen commented.

Many other comments in this tone say the makers of Radhe Shyam blindly overspent on grand sets and visuals instead of focusing on the quintessential story which resulted in the disastrous result of the film.

“Both Radha Krishna (Radhe Shyam director) and Hanu Raghavapudi (Sita Ramam director) are disciples of Chandrasekhar Yeleti. The latter delivered a winning love drama with Rs 40 crore Sita Ramam. The former made Radhe Shyam with Rs 300 crore only to deliver a half baked product.” Another follower of Telugu cinema tweeted.