Producer-C-KalyanIt is known to our readers that the Telugu film industry shut itself down for thirty days in August. The producers voluntarily shut down the industry to identify the problems plaguing the industry.

C Kalyan, President of the Telugu Film Producers Council in an interview says the industry strike is an utter flop and did not yield any result.

“Producers shut down the industry for 30 days saying we will identify the problems. In the first 4-5 meetings itself, I know it is not going anywhere. They identified problems for sure but the day after the strike, nothing is implemented. So, it is a waste of time,” C Kalyan said.

“Guild is a 100% utter flop organization. I don’t even recognize its existence. Dil Raju never did anything good for the industry. He is into his own business. When we call for a meeting, Dil Raju says we should adopt a % basis and Sirish says No. He is into many posts in Council but did not contribute anything,” he added.

“Dil Raju, myself, Guild, everyone involved in that strike did injustice to the producers and workers who suffered. Many people have come here. Nobody is the king forever. Every graph which went up will come down. It is important that when we fall, the industry should remember us like we did contribute something good to the industry which has given name and fame to us,” he told.