$3 Tickets Impact on Telugu Films: Sold Out ShowsOn Saturday, September 3, in 3000 cinema halls across the USA, you can buy a movie ticket for just $3. Three dollars is an excellent bargain; the average movie ticket price in America has been hovering around $10 for the last five years. If you live in a major metropolitan area, you can also have to pay double that price.

Because of this offer, Telugu movies across the USA have recorded good bookings. Irrespective of talk and reviews, films like Ranga Ranga Vaibhavnga, Cobra, and even First Day First Show are getting good patronage on Saturday due to the low ticket price.

Tickets at $3 in the US mean it is like watching a movie for free. Such offers have a huge impact on the mindset of the audience. No wonder people are flocking to book their tickets for even not-so-good movies at such a nominal price.

This just goes on to prove that the audience is hungry for entertainment but at cheap rates. They aren’t ready to spend around $100 for each family outing to watch a film week after week. This offer is an eye opener of sorts for the distributors to keep the ticket prices depending on the content and star value.

The distributors can increase the patronage of the movies by pricing tickets below $10 for regular movies that aren’t event films.

Over 30000 screens in 3000 theaters will be participating in the $3 ticket offer, including chains like Regal and AMC and art house theaters.