3 Million Touch and Go for Mahanati? With the kind of reception ‘Mahanati’ has been receiving in the US, one expects it to do phenomenal business at the box-office. True to the trade predictions, the movie is doing well and on Saturday it has reported a gross of $422 K and Sunday is sure to report a strong figure going by the latest updates. This is a good indication that it could end up with a grand figure in the long run.

Puri Jagannadh’s ‘Mehbooba‘ came and couldn’t give any competition to ‘Mahanati’ at the ticket counters and we know that ‘Mahanati’ is running with strong word of mouth. By the end of the first weekend, the biopic on the legendary actress, Savitri would have grossed around $1.7 million.

However, the long run prediction is much higher and it can end up somewhere at $3 million, could be a touch and go for the film. It’s an amazing number, to say the least, and ‘Mahanati’ is a genuine blockbuster that paid a true ode to one of the greatest artists the South-Indian film industry has ever witnessed.