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We always hear how a film was initially planned with an actor and later somehow someone else end up doing it. While this has happened and does happen regularly as most scripts gets tossed around various actors, frequently or sometimes the dates issues arise, but only a few manage to become memorable and iconic in certain cases. For example yesteryear’s classic Zanjeer was rejected by many and eventually it started the angry young man phenomenon. Another prime example is Lagaan, which was shortlisted for top 5 in Oscars. So here we present to you three such films which have been game changers for the respective heroes and a big loss to the rejected heroes.

Ravi -Teja-balupu reviewIdiot: Who can forget this film, a game changer in terms of hero characterization in Telugu film industry, a film which gave life to Ravi Teja and made him an overnight star, a film which created the brand that was Puri Jagannadh. The director initially wanted to make this film with Pawan Kalyan but the actor rejected it. Having already made a film with Kannada legend Dr Rajkumar‘s son Shiv Rajkumar and sharing a great rapport, Puri Jagannadh narrated this script to the actor, who loved it so much that he asked the director to launch his son Puneeth with the film. It was called Appu in Kannada and later it was made with Ravi Teja in Telugu.

Allu arjun with tamil director soon
Arya: This Sukumar directed film too was tossed up to a number of people but mostly it looked like it would get made with Prabhas. However things didn’t pan out as planned and as fate would have it it finally landed in Allu Arjun’s hand. The actor who was looking for a complete makeover post Gangotri had no hesitation at all in doing the film. The film today is responsible for what Allu Arjun is as a star. His following in other states, especially Kerala owes a lot to this sensation.

NTR-RV-ReviewBhadra: Director Boyapati Sreenu’s debut movie was a perfect blend of family entertainment with action and youthfulness. This film once again took the stardom of Ravi Teja a notch higher and established him among the family as well as mass segments. Bhadra was initially planned to be made with Jr NTR as hero but the actor rejected the film. Jr NTR has been struggling to get that big blockbuster post Simhadri, this could have easily been a bonafide blockbuster for the actor had to chosen to do this instead the actor years later chose Dhammu from the same director.

Which one of these three you think is the biggest loss of all when you look back now?